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Derby City Chocolates

About DCC

Since 2010 Derby City Chocolates have created many one bite works of art for our clients and their guests. After many years in the food and beverage industry, including private aviation catering, I decided to focus on my art in a medium that tastes as good as it looks. Each bite of art is handcrafted by me to ensure my clients are always satisfied.

Our Mission:

Our Mission at Derby City Chocolates is to create unique one bite works of art. Each chocolate masterpiece is individually handcrafted to ensure our clients are 100% satisfied 100% of the time.

Our Values:

Derby City Chocolates value our clients who truly appreciate the beauty of art and chocolate and are seeking to share this unique gift with others or simply want to indulge themselves. Derby City Chocolates handcrafts each artistic chocolate with love and the message of love is shared one beautiful piece of chocolate at a time.
I'm a lover of chocolate from way back and I had an offer I couldn't refuse, Margarita Truffles from Derby City Chocolates. One bite and I was hooked. The cool green color drew my eye immediately, and the taste was a creamy blend of limes & a variety of white/dark chocolate. I felt like I was sitting on the beach with a margarita at my elbow under a cool beach umbrella. If you want the best, you've made it to the right place! Susan Gentry Childs Read More