Since 2010 Derby City Chocolates have created many one bite works of art for our clients and their guests. After many years in the food and beverage industry, including private aviation catering, I decided to focus on my art in a medium that tastes as good as it looks. Each bite of art is handcrafted by me to ensure my clients are always satisfied.



Belita is truly inspired by the wonder of nature, her beautiful home state of Kentucky and the eternal message of love. Each piece of artistic chocolate is a labor of love and is designed and created for her client with her client’s own personal request in mind. She loves thinking outside the box and is always coming up with new ideas to impress her clients and their guests. With beautifully blended colors and unique designs she can fulfill most any request with only a few days notice. She is not so much interested in becoming so big as to not compromise the beauty of her art. Each masterpiece is created by her and by her alone to ensure that each beautiful bite is perfect, each chocolate at a time.